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PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri
Please use this map to locate our address and guide you on your way from Jakarta to our factory.


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PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri: Head Office

(Gumindo Location)

Address : 4th Floor, Graha Indamas
Address : JL. AIP II, KS. Tubun Raya No. 77
Postal Code : 11410
City : Jakarta
State : DKI
Country : Indonesia
Phone : +62-21-5347788
Fax : +62-21-5347825
Web Site :  www.indogum.com
Description : The Head Office of PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri is currently located in the 4th floor of Graha Indramas. Graha Indamas is a building fully owned and managed by PT. Lautan-Luas Tbk., a public company primarily into the chemicals distribution business.

PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri: Factory

(Gumindo Location)

Address : Kampung Pengoreng, Desa Mangunreja
Address : Kec. Pulo Ampel, Serang, Banten
Postal Code : 42152
City : Serang
State : Banten
Country : Indonesia
Web Site :  www.indogum.com
Description : The manufacturing facility of PT. Gumindo Perkasa Industri is located in the town of Merak, in the province of Banten in the west side of Java Island. This facility produces food grade carrageenan both for the local and the export market.

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